We all know that the money is in the list, but how can you create a list?

How Do You Grow Your List Without Spending
A Fortune On Facebook Ads, Google Ads Or YouTube Ads?

One easy way to grow a list is to take part in a bundle sale where you and your fellow creatives band together to provide a mixture of products to sell to your customers. It exposes you and your products to a larger group of buyers which, if they download your product, will put them on your list.

Hi, our names are Marian Blake and Jayne Willingale and we are the people behind Equinox Bundles. Between us, we have 25 years' experience in the creative field. We have written books, designed both digital and physical low and mid content journals and planners. We have created physical craft items to sell and have our own websites and Etsy stores.

We both have created courses. Marian's are on creating digital products using free and inexpensive software whilst Jayne's are on publishing and creating digital products using the Affinity suite..

All this was done by trial and error. But one thing we did know was not to try and grow our lists by trial and error.

Why is a list important?

If you are a Course creator, Planner creator, Wall Art Creator, Author or any type of creator really, having a list is liberating. 

When you have a list, you know that the people on the list have bought from you before and like you.

 When you create a new product, you can tell your list who, if they are happy with their previous purchase, may buy from you again. 

It is sooooo much cheaper to sell to an existing customer that to get a new one.

You can keep in touch with your buyers so that they grow to trust and like you even more and are more likely to buy on your recommendation. 

You can show other people's products to your list and earn a commission if they buy.

Why go into a bundle?

A bundle is a group of quality products that a facilitator has put together. 

Each product could be sold individually, but in this case, they are not. 

The bundle is sold at a greatly reduced price to encourage purchase.

Everyone who purchases the bundle can download one, two or all of the products.

Whoever downloads your product will give you their contact details and you can then nurture them to be on your list.

The bundle is advertised to every contributor's list and on their social media so that your product reaches far beyond what you could hope to reach alone.

We intend to launch the bundle using Warrior Plus so that even if you don't contribute, you can still make money as an affiliate. If you contribute, you can make money as an affiliate and grow your list!

Why is it so good for growing your list?

You will save money. It is an inexpensive way to advertise because you are sharing the load with other creators.

You will reach different groups who would not normally see your products.

It will save you time. You only have to create one product to build a list.

You will build your list quicker than doing it on your own.

Introducing our first 

Equinox Bundle- Fall 2022

So What is this bundle all about?

We have decided on a theme for this bundle which is PLANNING. We want products that are traditional planning products - planners and journals but also want products that are to do with planning but not so traditional. So think outside of the box a little for your product ideas.

The products can be anything to do with planning and can be for products for niches up to Easter. They can be mini courses on, say, smart goals, or Trello boards on planning your retirement, or spreadsheets on budgeting your expenditure, or wedding planning or baby planning or.......

We intend the bundle to be on sale around the Fall Equinox - 14-23 September 2022

The products should be with us, no later than 21 August 2022, to give us time to review the product and upload it onto the sales page, etc. 

We will sell the bundle for $37.

All products within the bundle should be new to the market and of a minimum value of $27. After the launch period, we will allow the purchasers 90 days to download their chosen products. Once the 90 days are over, you can sell your product yourself.

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