Do you want to create products for a niche that recycles books?
Do you want to create them quickly?
Do you want to create designs easily?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, I have the answer for you. I have found a niche that according to Google, has up to 10,000 searches per month in the USA alone. The niche isn't large, but once they have used the product, the fans of it will buy another one and then another and then ... you get the idea.

Hi, my name is Marian Blake. Over the last few years, I have made it my quest to find digital product niches that are simple to make and that are saleable on sites such as Etsy, Amazon, and even your own website. I especially like to create digital products that I can create, publish, and leave to sell so I can spend my time creating more products.

To do this, I spend hours learning different software and diving into digital product niches to find products that sell that I can make quickly and easily.

So what have I found?

I have found there are products that sell on Amazon, Etsy and similar sites and your own website. With a little training, you can quickly make these designs. Oh, and they can digital, so no product to store and shift or you can make them into a book and sell them that way.

Initially, I will show you how to create the simple designs using a software that many of you are very familiar with, especially if you create planners. After that, I show you an inexpensive way of making complicated designs using some proprietary software.

The first image below is a simple pattern made in PowerPoint

The second image is an example of two book folding sculptures using words

The third is a simple lantern design

I am so happy to announce my next course in the Marian's Minis series.

Literary Sculpture

 Crafting Unique Designs from Old Books

Before I go any further, I think I should introduce you to Marian's Minis courses.

Each Marian's Minis course is a short course that covers one product type. They are not difficult to create, so you can either sell them as your main product line, or sell them as a sideline.

They are also great for people who have limited time to create products.

What will you get with the course?

Included in the Literary Sculpture course is

  • What is Book Folding and no, it's not origami.
  • How it used up well read books and makes them into sculptures.
  • Research into the niche and where you can sell the patterns.
  • How to create the lined image which is the starting point of some patterns.
  • What's the difference between a book page and a sheet.
  • What images to use in your basic designs.
  • What fonts types are best.
  • How to create three pattern less designs.
  • In the second part of the course, I show you how to quickly create patterns using an inexpensive proprietary software
  • and much more.....

You can make Book Folding Patterns for many niches. 

You can create them so your customers can print them or turn them into books to sell on Amazon.

You can create them using free public domain images and then they are yours to use, sell or give away.

If you can follow instructions and can click a mouse, you can do this. 

You can create simple designs on a software many of us already use - PowerPoint. 

About Book Folding

Book folding is a way to use up old books that is decorative and the patterns can be generic or customized and can be made for many subniches in the decorative or gift niches.

 You can create designs using images you can download for free as they are in the public domain or use easily adaptable graphs you may already own or even create your own. If you can do the latter, it is an area you can exploit for the custom pattern niche which pays a premium but is not a passive income hustle.

There are different book folding techniques and patterns, so this niche has different levels of expertise. This means you can start with simple designs and as your confidence in creating the designs, you can increase the complexity of the patterns to appeal to your clients as they improve or to a different market who are already proficient.

Literary Sculpture

The Course that shows you how to create book folding patterns you can use as individual designs or as a collection and you can sell on Etsy, Amazon and your website.

Normally $19

NOW ONLY $15 until 03/17/24

Marian Blake - Creator of Marian's Minis.

Your Questions Answered

Q. Won't it be expensive?
A. You can use Free Public Domain Images and PowerPoint which many of us have on our computer. The proprietary software I recommend to speed up your design creation is not expensive.

Q: Am I an affiliate of the software I recommend?
A: NO. I recommend them because they do the job, not so I can make more money.

Q. Is this just for Windows users?
A. PowerPoint works best on Windows based machines. The proprietary software is online and downloadable. It can be used on you PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone.

Q. Is it hard to do?
A. The simple answer is NO. If you can follow instructions, you can do this.

Q. I don’t know where to start?
A. This course contains both “Over the Shoulder” follow-a-long series of videos and niche research videos, so if you follow them you will create designs to sell.

Q: Do I give refunds?
A: Sorry, there are no refunds.

Q: Is there an upsell?
A: No. It’s all included.

Q: Can I contact you if I have a problem?
A: Yes. Please email with your questions.

Q: How do I get my course after I have purchased?
A: After purchase you will find your training course under the menu option "My Course".