Do you have an Etsy shop?
Have you had an Etsy shop closed by Etsy?
Do you want increase your income streams without creating more products?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, I have the answer for you. Well, I have more than one answer, but more of that later! This is not my normal how-to-create course because times are a-changing, and we need to change to survive. This course is about one major change and how to get around it.

Hi, my name is Marian Blake. Over the last few years, I have made it my quest to find digital product niches that are simple to make and that are saleable on sites such as Etsy and your own website. I especially like to create digital products that I can create, publish, and leave to sell so I can spend my time creating more products.
To do this, I spend hours learning different software and diving into digital product niches to find products that sell that I can make quickly and easily.

So what is this all about?

Over the last ten or more years, Etsy has been the marketplace for creators, both for digital products and physical products. You could easily start a store without paying a penny, and the fee for each product registered was cheap, very cheap. Over the years, as Etsy grew, they changed their terms of service, but their pricing has always been cheap. 

There have been quiet rumblings from a few sellers about their advertising and louder rumblings about their customer service to sellers but on the whole, most sellers were satisfied.

This year, 2024, there has been a massive change in who they would accept as sellers, so there would be greater competition from the Chinese market and also, the cost of creating a store. They seem to be closing down, or putting it on hold, established stores so that the owner is out of pocket. This can be a disaster if you sell physical products, and you could end up in debt.

They also appear to accept you and your new store and then close you down for no apparent reason, a few days later. The latter wouldn't be so bad if the stores were free to set up, but they now cost you $15 which isn't a large cost, but if they close you down a few days later, that's $15 wasted.

This all means that Etsy may not be the best place to have a store, or may mean you should have an Etsy store but sell your products elsewhere so you don't have all your eggs in one basket.

I am so happy to announce my next course in the Marian's Minis series.

The Alternatives


Ten platforms you sell your products apart from Etsy.

Before I go any further, I think I should introduce you to Marian's Minis courses.

Each Marian's Minis course is a short course that covers one product type or topic. They are a mini course so as not to overwhelm you with too many choices. You can go through the information and ACT on it.

What will you get with the course?

Inside this course is the low down on not one, but TEN alternative platforms to Etsy. 

One you may have heard of and have been misled into believing you cannot use to sell digital products, some you can only sell physical products, some you can sell both digital and physical products, and one you can sell digital products only. (Don't worry, there's a table that shows you what you can sell where!)

The gold inside the course is the information I have found on the pros and cons of using each platform, what the customer service is like, what products are banned and so much more.

How this will help you?

As the main seller of our products are changing how they work, and who they will accept, and are banning or freezing accounts without telling you why or helping you to be reinstated, then it is wise to have another seller set up so you can switch your efforts to sell on that platform. That way, your income is either unaffected or only affected for a short time.

This course tells you about 10 alternative platforms you can switch to or set up as another income stream that appeals to a different audience. 

Nobody wants there primary income stream stopped BUT

if you are prepared, you can easily get around it.

The Alternatives

The Course that gives you TEN alternative platforms to sell your digital or physical products/

Normally $19

NOW ONLY $15 until 05/31/24

Marian Blake - Creator of Marian's Minis.

Your Questions Answered

Q. Why should I buy this course?
A. With the information in this course you can set up multiple income streams using the same product.

Q. Why is this important?
A. If you rely on one income stream and it is stopped, you are without income or worse still, seriously in debt.

Q. Why has Marian included both physical and digital products?
A. Many digital creators also sell physical products.

Q: Do I give refunds?
A: Sorry, there are no refunds.

Q: Is there an upsell?
A: No. It’s all included.

Q: Can I contact you if I have a problem?
A: Yes. Please email with your questions.

Q: How do I get my course after I have purchased?
A: After purchase you will find your training course under the menu option "My Course".