Would you like to create a unique font from your own writing or those of your family members so you can use them on cards and letters?

Would you like to create unique image fonts you can use in your planners, journals and printables ?

Would you like to create fonts to sell?

If the answer is yes to one, two or all these questions, I have found a software that you can use and the great news is that is it easy to master and is free to use.

When you create your printable and digital products, one thing that will help you stand out from the crowd, is using unique fonts. There are many great fonts on the marketplace, but they can come with use restrictions OR they are free to use so the world and his wife uses them. If only you could create your own and save them so that you can load them as a font to your computer.

Hi, my name is Marian Blake. As part of my quest to create unique products, I spend hours looking for easy-to-use software to help me do this. On one of my exploring sessions, I found a software (with free and paid versions) that was advertised as allowing you to create a font from your handwriting. Now, my handwriting looks like a spider crossing a page but I thought I would give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised at the results. (see below)

An example of a font

Then I got thinking!

So I have made one font, useful but not that useful. Can I use the software to make other fonts, even though I am not an artist? And the answer is yes. You can use public domain images to create unique fonts for personal use and for sale.

Here's two I have created. The "S" is from an old book of sign writing fonts and Jemima Puddle-duck is from a Beatrix Potter Book - both in the public domain.

What is the software?

The software I used to create these fonts is called Caligraphr. You use it in your browser so there is no software to download. There is a free version, and a paid for version. I used the free version to create these samples so there is no need to pay for it. Once you have created your font, you can download it in the correct format so you can use it on your computer.

To extract the images from the books is easy when you know how and once you can do that, you can use them in fonts. I show you how to do this in the course.

I am pleased to announce my new course


How to create unique fonts to use personally or to sell.

In this course, you will learn how to create unique fonts of your own handwriting and those of your family and friends. You will need a printer and your tablet or smart phone to do this.

Once you have mastered that, you will learn how to find images you can use for free to create fonts for personal use, or to sell as a new income stream.  You will need PowerPoint to help you split the images from a PDF and from each other - this is easy so don't worry.

What will you get with the course?

Included in the course is

    1. How to create a font from your own handwriting
    2. How to use images, black and white or colored, to convert into a black font.
    3. How to use old public domain signage fronts in books and create useable print fonts
    4. Taking a public domain font and with a small twist, make it into a new, original font
    5. and much more.....


The Course that shows you how to create unique fonts you can use or

to sell for others to use.

Only $27

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Marian Blake - Creator of Fontastic

Your Questions Answered

Q. Won't it be expensive?
A. There is a free version of Caligraphr so no it is not expensive.

Q. Is it hard to do?
A. The simple answer is NO. If you can follow instructions, you can do this.

Q. I Don’t Know Where to Start?
A. This course is an “Over the Shoulder” follow a long series of videos, so if you follow them you will create fonts to sell.

Q: Do I Give Refunds?
A: Sorry, there are no refunds.

Q: Is there an upsell?
A: No. It’s all included.

Q: Can I contact you if I have a problem?
A: Yes. Please email marian@marians.design with your questions.

Q: How do I get my course after I have purchased?
A: After purchase you will find your training course under the menu option "My Courses".