Low Content Books Mall

Talking to my niece-in-law the other day, she told me about a group she had set up on Facebook and her idea intrigued me.

The group is a Virtual Christmas Market Group which she started as she sells Bodyshop products and because of covid, she unable to have a stall at any real markets. The online market started off just for her small area of Manchester, UK and has grown to cover South Manchester. (Manchester is one of the largest cities in England.)

The premise of her market

  • The Market runs for 4 weeks in November/December
  • Anyone who wants a stall at the market pays a small fee (£5) to a charity for the Stall
  • Each stall holder has an album for images
  • Each stall holder publishes products or information which they assign to the topics so customers can search for specific things, e.g. jewellery.
  • Each stall holder can publish once a day
  • Each stall holder tells their lists about the market.

She has not used paid for advertising and has over 72 stalls!!!

This has got me thinking!

Could we adapt this idea to set up a market for low content sellers? We all sell either b2b and/or b2c, and all would like to sell more.

This is what I have come up with

Virtual Market for Low Content Creators. For 2 weeks, Quarterly at the end of Feb, May, Aug, and Nov.

The Premise

  1. Create a Group for that Market
  2. Create topics for posts. EG templates, covers.
  3. Get Stall Holders- Each Stall is FREE for the first market but the stall holder can donate to charity if wants. Each stall holder gets a stall with an album for Images. Their commitment is to a) add products to their stalls and b) tell their list and Facebook groups about the market.
  4. During the market stall holders add images and posts about their products. They assign the posts to a topic for easy customer searching.


  • Stall Is Free.
  • Max of 2 stalls per person
  • Stall holder MUST send the market details to their lists and/or Facebook groups at least once during the first week of market.
  • Polite
  • Affiliate Products allowed but must be to do with Low Content.

Suggested Topics

  • Covers
  • Courses
  • Motifs
  • Papers
  • Journal and Planner Templates
  • Tools
  • Activity Book

I would be happy to set up the first market for the end of February. My role would be to set up the group and assign the stalls. I would do this free of charge for the first market to see how much work it involves. I would like another person to be an administrator in case I am ill or incapacitated. Any volunteers?

Please email me on marianoptom@yahoo.com with any comments, suggestions of if you would like to take part.