Kamisaka Sekka Photoshop 12×12 Inch Paper Template




This photoshop template contains 10 unique designs by the renown Japanese Artist Kamisaka Sekka. He was an early 20th century Japanese artist who was an expert in the traditional Rinpa school of art. He also studied Art Nouveau in Glasgow in 1901, and this influenced his color choice so that his images were a mixture of Japanese subjects with a Western twist. After studying in Scotland, he returned to Japan to the newly opened Kyoto Municipal School of Arts and Crafts, where he experimented with Western tastes, styles, and methods, and incorporated them into his otherwise traditional Japanese-style works.

This Template has

  • 10 Different Designs as Overlays
  • Plus a grunge Layer
  • Plus 2 Background Layers and 5 easy to change color layers.

To make original design, you can change the design, then change its layer type and opacity. To vary it even more, change the colors to your pallet scheme. Then add a grunge or background layer .
Save as a PNg or Jpeg.

This template is for personal use BUT the designs you create with can be sold as long as the layers are merged. You can use them for covers and internals for journals, planners and notebooks. For scrapbooking and junk journals, video backgrounds, desktop and mobile wallpapers and cards.