Shape Shifter PlugIn for PowerPoint


Shape Shifter PlugIn for PowerPoint.

The simple way to change shapes in multiple page PowerPoint templates.

See Below for more details.



I would like to introduce you to Shape Shifter – a PowerPoint Plugin for planner creators.

Plugins can help you change your designs, so it doesn’t take forever to do. This is great when you have bought a PLR planner or journal, either digital or paper, and you want to change it, so it is unique to you.

What is the Shape Shifter Plugin?

The Shape Shifter plugin allows you to change one shape for a different one with just a few clicks throughout the whole planner or even if it is 200+ pages long.

I found I needed a plugin when I was trying to create several versions of a 400+page 2021 journal from a PLR planner I already had. I could change most things with the plugins I had, but not the shapes of the boxes, motifs, etc. I then contacted Hans to create it for me to make my life easier. I decided to go public with it when I realised it worked so well.

The result is Shape Shifter – It will save you hours when creating digital and paper planners or journals.

Will it work on any computer?

The simple answer is NO.

The full answer is that it will work

Only with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Only with Microsoft PowerPoint 365

Only works with Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows Operating System.

It will NOT work On a Mac Operating System.

It has ONLY been tested on PowerPoint 365

It will NOT work with Libre Office or Open Office.

If you are unsure, please do not buy it. There are NO refunds.


1: Why aren’t you offering a refund?

We know this product works as we have described; on the system we have tested it on. If you are not sure you want it or have a different operating system, PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT.

2: How long will I have to wait to receive it after I have bought it?

This is a digital product and the file will be sent to you straight after payment.

3: What format will the file be in and how do I use it?

This product is delivered inside of a Zip file. You will need to unzip the file, open it, and run the setup file. If PowerPoint is open when you do this, you will need to save your presentation, close PowerPoint and reopen it.

You will find the plugin under the Add-ins section

4: Are there any updates?

If Microsoft updates their systems, we may have to update the plugin. If you have any suggestions to make it work better, let us know and we will see if it can be done.

5: Are there any upsells?