In my previous post, I talked about templates and what are the pros and cons of buying or making your own template. In this post, I am going to give you some ideas about what templates you may need to create for your own use and/or to sell but before that, I want to give you some idea of the search volumes of some templates.

Search Term

Google Searches/Month

Etsy Product Numbers

Email Template

10K to 100K


Social Media Templates

1K to 10K


Branding Templates

1K to 10K


Instagram Reels Templates

10 to 100


Instagram Reels Templates Canva



100 to 1K


Email Template Google 


Email Template Canva


Email Signature Templates


Branding Templates Canva


Branding Templates PowerPoint


Branding Templates Real Estate


Branding Templates Female Entrepreneur


As you can see from this small sample, whilst large niches have many product choices on Etsy, if you niche down by either software or job, the number of products decrease and in one case, decrease to only 1% of the total product!

Here are some template ideas you can create for personal use and to sell or give away to others.

  • Budgets and Accounts 
  • Checklist Templates 
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Contracts
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Emails
  • Forms
  • Invoices
  • To Do Lists
  • Social Media Post designs
  • Social Media Headings etc.
  • Advertisments - Digital and non digital
  • Worksheets
  • Vision Boards
  • Branding
  • Products
  • Mockups
  • Videos and Gifs
  • Product Information
  • Product Description
  • Image Download Information
  • And Many More!

If you want to create them, most of them can be made in either the Microsoft Office suite or equivalents such as the Google suite. Other software you can use are Trello Boards, Canva, Inkscape, Gimp, the Adobe products, and the Affinity products.

Many of them can be made in multiple pieces of software so if you do create them in one software type, you may be able to use the same information and design ideas to recreate it in another software.