Why should you need to personalize your planner?

Many planners can be bought online or on the high street that are decorated with headings, images and tables so that all you need to do is fill in the spaces. This can be great, but it may not be quite what you want. You may want to change the look of the journal, but as it is printed, this isn’t easy to do. Digital planners can sometimes be personalized, but not always.

You may want to

  • Change the headings
  • Change the color of the planner
  • Add color to the planner
  • Make it “You”.

How personalizing your planner can make it easier to use?

A planner is a great tool to help you change your life, store important information, or even plan an event. The BUT is – you need to use it. If you have one you like you are more likely to use it and gain the benefits of the planner. An “It Will Do” planner may stop you from using it regularly.

This happened to me in 2019. I designed what I thought was my ultimate planner. I had it made as a “one off” spiral planner with the cover image I liked, and I loved it. After 3 weeks, I stopped using it for a while. Then I remembered the Washi Tape I had in my craft room, and I changed the things I hated. I now use it.

What is Washi Tape?

Washi Tape is a sticky tape originally from Japan. Washi comes from the words for Japanese (wa) and paper (shi). Although made similarly to ordinary paper, they do not make it from wood pulp.

It is a strong paper and has many uses in Japan from thread and cloth to origami, plates, banknotes and even umbrellas. It is often used in Western crafting in scrapbooking.

5 Ways to Use Washi Tape in Your Journal or Planner.

  • Create a header—use the Washi Tape at the top of a box and then write on it. The writing shows up better on a fairly plain background.
  • Change the headings in the planner – you may have a planner that has a few sections you want and a few you don’t. Use the tape to change them. Cover the headings you don’t like with a piece of tape and write a new heading.
  • Use the tape as a divider on a page – you may have a vertical column for a day in the planner, putting two pieces of tape across it can split it into morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Sticking Things into your Journal—this can be pictures, coloring images, lists in fact, anything.
  • Use it to block off days in your planner – say you are going away for the weekend. Put a piece of tape over the top of the days in the planner and block off those days.

This is just a few ways you can change the look of your journal. Washi tape can use in both digital and paper journals and can make your journal both decorative and functional.