I have found a great plugin for PowerPoint that should even work on a Mac. It’s called Mega Plugin, and it is a biggie.

The plugin is produced by Bowes Publishing and it allows you to

  • Quickly choose or change your page size
  • Add or remove bleed
  • Add a gutter
  • Create Lined and dot paper
  • Create daily and weekly journals
  • Guided journals
  • Change Shape colors and outlines
  • Plus, much more.
  • You also have 95 Templates you can add to your page and then alter with the tools already mentioned.

I have had a play with it and I am very impressed with what I can do with it. It is not perfect, but it will save you hours so you can create multiple different versions of the same journal. As it is PowerPoint, you can save in so many formats and create physical and digital versions of the same design.

Here’s a quick video of me exploring the plugin.

How much is it?

It is only £40, which is about $55. I think for the plugin and all the templates this is not expensive. In fact, you are buying the templates and they throw the Plugin in for free.

To Buy this Plugin and Templates, please click on the link below, which is an affiliate link.