This year has been, for most of us, a strange year – myself included. I can count myself luck that my health and the health of my family and friends has been good. Those who caught COVID-19 have recovered quickly.

The beginning of the year was busy, Di Hueser and I were busy recording videos for our Digital Planner Course and I had a steep learning curve. I had never recorded my screen before and then when she persuaded me to edit the videos; I felt like I was back at University learning a new technique! I also went back to work as an optometrist, one week a month, in the UK. This was after 4 months off after having my right knee replaced. So my time was filled with videoing, editing, running the house and optometry.

Just before France went into lockdown, we launched. It was my first product launch and it was scary. Then came lockdown. France had a national lockdown, and we had to carry paperwork to give a reason why we were out of the house. I couldn’t get to the UK to work, so I knuckled down and played with PowerPoint and other programs, figuring out how to create things.

Di was great, always chivying me to do something new. After a lot of research and a lot of playing with software, I wrote my book Creativity for the Terrified. That led to my first solo course of the same name. More things to learn. Websites, WordPress, WooCommerce and Learn Dash, but it was worth it. It wouldn’t have happened without Di’s help.

The summer meant we were out of lockdown, but with temperatures of 38+ degrees C, working was uncomfortable even with a fan directed at my face. My next course was a problem. I hadn’t updated one of the software I use, and the videos were terrible. Another lesson learnt. Always update your software!

I have now released my latest solo course – that’s FOUR this year plus my one PowerPoint Plug-in and I must admit; I am feeling chuffed to bits. I am still learning how to create things in different programs. Di offered to buy me out of the original Digital Planner Course in September, and I agreed. We split in October – I miss our natters over Skype.

So what has 2020 taught me?

I can learn new tricks. I can change my direction in my 60s and start a new career. I am good enough. This is not my first year trying to make money online, but it has been the best so far! And Churchill was right – KBO – Keep Buggering On!

So my advice to you for 2021 is don’t be afraid to try new techniques and software. And when you try them, follow the rules for a few times, then PLAY. GO OFF PISTE. Do things another way. You never know what you will create.

Here’s to a good 2021, seeing family and friends and to creating a new normal. My normal will be different, as I am a Brit living in France and because of Brexit, new rules apply.