Feeling like an impostor can be a real hurdle for anyone starting out on a new venture, especially creating a side hustle. Some haven't worked on their own, ever. Some have, but this is a whole new ball game. I fell into the latter category. As an optometrist, I worked in practices where there were just two of us and I was the only one qualified, but sitting in my office creating courses and products is totally different. So don't worry, there are several ways you can use to overcome these feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

Acknowledge your successes

Take a moment to recognize your achievements and successes, no matter how small they may seem. Celebrating your wins can help you gain confidence and realize that you can achieve your goals.

Remember that everyone starts somewhere

It's important to remember that everyone starts somewhere, and even the most successful entrepreneurs were once in your shoes. Don't compare yourself to others. Instead, focus on your own journey and progress.

Connect with others

Connect with other entrepreneurs, join online communities, and attend networking events and workshops. You'll find that others may have faced similar challenges to you and can offer support and advice. A simple, free way is to join Facebook groups and take part in chats and discussions.

Focus on your strengths

Focus on your unique talents, skills, and ideas. Recognize what makes you stand out from the crowd and how you can use these strengths to succeed. If you are part of the Side Hustle Clan, there is a workbook you can go through, so you know your strengths.

Keep learning: 

Keep learning and growing - take courses, read books, attend workshops, and seek a mentor. Use the knowledge you gain to help you grow. The more you learn and grow, the more confident you will become in your abilities. 


Remember, it's normal to feel like an impostor, especially when you're starting something new. But don't let it hold you back; keep going, pursuing your dreams. 

Also, if you are a member of The Side Hustle Clan, email me for help, advice, and encouragement.