My Tuesday’s Tip this week is about planning tools I find helpful. There are many tools available. Some are only available for your computer and some only available as an app for your phone and some available for both.

There are four tools I use. Three on my iPad/computer. These are Trello, Todoist and Mind Meister. (Non-affiliate links below). They help me keep on track ….. well at least, some of the time!


I have played with Trello over the last few years but until recently, have not warmed to it. This changed over the last year due to two people, Di Heuser and Cindy Bidar. Di did the initial push and after I bought a few products from Cindy which had boards to copy, I have used it more and more. If you collaborate with someone like a V.A., you can share the boards.


I love this app which I use every day. There is a paid version which I don’t use – the free version is good enough for me. I have been a list person for years, so making to do lists is second nature to me. Crossing things off a list is so-o-o satisfying.

I can put in recurring jobs for specific days, so I don’t have to remember them – an example of this is when my dogs need their injections and flea treatments. I can also add “one off” jobs, for a specific date, like to learn how to use my drawing tablet or when I have a dentist appointment!

Mind Meister.

This is a mapping tool. I started using it to do a basic outline for writing non-fiction. I now use it to plan my courses so I know what videos to record. I can download an outline for my project and convert to Chapter Headings for a book or PDF, or Section Headings and Video Subjects for a video course. I can also download a copy of the mind map if I want to.

The last tool I use are my trusty pen and paper. I know, I know. Very old fashioned, but I still use them to help plan my work. I find it easier to re-plan using these. My papers have crossed out notes and arrows all over the place. I also like to pin things up on a corkboard in-front of me – I blame it on being a baby boomer!

Try one or some of them to make life easier and possibly more productive.

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Mind Meister