A png is a Portable Network Graphics file. It’s an image format that’s commonly used by web designers. It’s extremely popular because it’s both small and highly compressed.

What are the advantages of a PNG’s?

There are several advantages in creating and using PNG files

  1. They are both small and highly compressed.
  2. PNG is a lossless format. This means that it does not reduce the quality of your image.
  3. They are thought to be the best way to organize images on your computer as they are easy to create, fast to load, and they’re simple to use.
  4. They work on both Windows and MacOS X computers. 
  5. You can use PNG files in any application that supports standard image formats.
  6. You can email a PNG file as an attachment.
  7. You can load PNG files onto many websites, including social media sites and image sites.
  8. PNG is an open format. This means you can create your own PNGs and also change them.
  9. They can have a transparent background which is useful when creating digital designs.


PNG files are free and easy to create makes them a good choice for many people. Using a PNG file will make your life easier because it is easy to use and versatile.

If you are looking for a way to create a digital product quickly, then PNG files are a great solution.