Today’s Tips (the links are not affiliate links).


If your email inbox is like mine, you get a lot of emails from people that want to sell you something. To make your digital work/home life balance better, create a new email account just for sign-ups.

That way you can look at the offers you get once a day and then ignore. Obviously, the one exception to this rule is mine!

To get a free email address head over to Gmail and choose your address.


Listen to podcasts. If you are busy like many of us, finding time to increase your knowledge is difficult, what with work, home, partners, kids, animals and now an online business.

I found by listening to podcasts when I am doing the ironing or driving to the shops or queuing to get in the shops or walking the mutts lets me hear a lot of ideas. If I hear something interesting, I go back to it later and make notes.

I have been listening to Novel Marketing Podcast for a while now. Yes, I know it is mainly for books but still has great tips for us. The link is

Mini Tip.

If you are walking outside, I recommend you try bone conductor headphones so you can hear the podcast and the traffic noise. I’m on my second pair, I broke my first travelling, as I hate in your ear and over your ear headphones. Look them up on amazon.

Tip 3

Take your smart phone with you when you are out and about, less easy at this time, I know but even in France we can go out for exercise for an hour as long as we have the right paperwork and only within one kilometre of our house.


You can get great or not so great pictures of all sorts of things which can be manipulated on your phone or laptop to create backgrounds of vignettes for your planners, journals, etc.

I live in the countryside so today I took photos of dandelions, trees and landscapes. If you live near a landmark and can get to it legally during lockdown, think of the unique pictures you can get with no humans in the way.

I got this idea from a post buy a BBC journalist who runs to work in London and takes images on the way. Read it here

Thanks for reading.